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IVL-Gone: Assessment of the effect of skin glue on the function of a peripherally inserted intravenous line.

Intravenous lines are placed in the majority of patients admitted to hospital. Unfortunately they often fall out, become infected, cause irritation & pain or become blocked. Occasionally this can cause a life threatening illness. Blood can leak from the intravenous line onto the patient’s skin, clothing or bed linen. This causes patient distress. It can also be dangerous for hospital staff if they accidentally come into contact with the blood.

The insertion of a replacement intravenous line is generally regarded as an unpleasant experience that would be nice to avoid. The IVL-GONE research team are researching the use of common skin glue (think super-glue) to ‘stick-on’ the intravenous line. Other benefits are thought to include keeping the bugs out, improving patient comfort & helping to protect hospital staff from blood. If the skin glue works as well as preliminary studies indicate, this could be a simple solution for a worldwide problem; Queensland research leading the world.


Critical Evaluation of a Targeted Point of Care ROTEM and Multiplate Guided Coagulation and Haemostasis Management Program in Severe Trauma and Critical Bleeding

In this project, the team investigated how to assess and treat patients with clotting disorders as a result of trauma and severe bleeding.

Patients with severe trauma and critical bleeding have a high risk of death from haemorrhage and the complications associated with large volume blood transfusion. The ability of the patient to form a blood clot will be assessed using a ROTEM/multiplate device. This device gives an in-depth assessment of the patient’s clotting and allows specific treatment to be targeted at specific clotting defects. Using this technology, the investigators hope to reduce the amount of bleeding in these cases and also reduce the amount of blood transfused to these patients. The project will implement a blood product transfusion program guided by the ROTEM/multiplate device.


Transforming Emergency Healthcare

EMF funding is improving emergency care for the elderly

Trauma: better treatment for severe bleeding

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