Trauma Care in Regional, Rural and Remote Queensland

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This Special Research Grants Program aims to empower frontline clinicians in regional, rural and remote Queensland in the management of trauma patients. Clinician-researchers will be offered support in their navigation of the research path, to ensure that their ideas and voices are heard.

This program aims to:

  • fund research to create an evidence base for the best emergency care of trauma patients, in particular road trauma patients, in regional, rural and remote Queensland
  • identify key barriers to optimal emergency care for trauma patients and solutions to overcome those barriers through the translation of research findings into evidence-based health policy and practice
  • build research capacity for trauma and emergency healthcare clinicians in regional, rural and remote Queensland.

It is envisaged that up to four Jumpstart grants will be awarded in the first grant round, with up to $90,000 grant funding available. EMF expects funding requests to range from $15,000 to maximum $40,000 for short-term projects (6-12 months).



Current grant round – Important dates Expressions of Interest are now open for grant round 1. 

23 Aug 2021 – Support request and exemption requests due
19 Nov 2021 – Expression of Interest closes
Mid Dec 2021 – Shortlisted applicants invited to submit full application
7 Feb 2022 – Full application closes
Mid-end Feb 2022 – Announcement of funding outcomes

How to apply

For this Special Research Grants Program, EMF has designed a three-step application process to support clinician-researchers and to reduce their workload. Please download and read the guidelines to ensure you meet the full eligibility criteria and for detailed information on completing your application.


Step 1: Support Request
(if applicable)
Due date: 23 Aug 2021


Clinician-researchers who require support for their research projects must contact EMF and specify their support needs. EMF will endeavour to connect potential applicants with research guides and research mentors who will provide support and guidance.

Please use this template to specify your support needs and email the request to

Step 2: Expression of Interest (EOI)
Due date: 19 Nov 2021
This stage is to screen proposals through a short EOI – only those who successfully traverse the EOI process will be asked to submit a full application.


You can use this template to build your grant application prior to submitting via our grant management platform, SmartyGrants.


The SmartyGrants Help Guide explains the steps you need to take to complete and submit your grant application.

Step 3: Full application
Due date: 7 Feb 2022

Shortlisted EOI applicants will be invited to submit a full application which must be consistent with the submitted EOI in scope and budget request. A Microsoft Word application template will be available to build your grant application offline prior to submitting via SmartyGrants.

Need help?  

Should you have any questions please contact the EMF Research Team on (07) 3720 5700 or email


EMF thanks the Motor Accident Insurance Commission for funding this program.

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