Queensland Research Program


Queensland Health fully funds EMF’s Queensland Research Program, with the aim of delivering better patient outcomes for Queenslanders in an emergency as well as developing emergency medicine research capacity in the State.

The first Queensland Research Program grants were awarded in 2008. Within the first decade, EMF had awarded more than $14 million in 151 grants and played an integral role in building an active emergency medicine research culture in Queensland. The State now boasts a growing cohort of high-achieving emergency medicine clinician-researchers who are helping improve patient outcomes within the Queensland healthcare system as well as internationally.

In June 2018, EMF introduced a range of changes to the Queensland Research Program. The revised Program allows EMF to award more grants as well as offer grants to all Queensland Health clinicians providing direct clinical care to patients in an emergency. This includes nurses, paramedics, allied health professionals and rural generalists as well as emergency specialists. (Scroll down for more information about the changes.)

Next grant round (Round 31)
  • Opens 18/2/19, closes 26/4/19 (5pm)
  • JumpStart, Leading Edge & Project grants on offer
  • $700,000 available (in total)

 Calendar : upcoming grant rounds

All grant schemes available in the Qld Program

NB: EMF runs two grant rounds per year. In the second round for the year, the Project grant is not available. 

Overview (pdf)

  • JumpStart (up to $40,000)
  • Trainee (up to $40,000)
  • Leading Edge (up to $100,000)
  • Staff Specialist (up to $100,000)
  • Project (up to $450,000)

Program Guidelines (Everything you need to know for grants awarded from 2018.)

Principal Investigators (PI) eligibility
  • All PIs must be a Queensland Health employee*.
  • JumpStart and Leading Edge: must be providing direct clinical care to patients in emergencies** within emergency departments or Queensland Ambulance Service or Retrieval Services Queensland. This includes nurses, doctors, allied health professionals, paramedics and rural generalists
  • Staff and Project: FACEMs (or FRACP PEMs)
  • Trainee: emergency medicine trainee or senior medical officer

** This does not include staff employed in research, managerial or administrative roles unless they also provide clinical care. It also excludes hospital staff employed outside the emergency department, even though they may work closely with emergency clinicians (e.g. Intensive Care Unit, Cardiology, Pathology, Radiology). On a project-by-project basis, the EMF Board will consider requests from Queensland Health employees who do not meet the PI criteria. Requests must be made in writing well in advance of the grant round closing date. No guarantee is given that these requests will be approved.


Changes to the program (from June 2018)

Download Factsheet (PDF)

Download FAQ (PDF)

Download Communications pack (Word doc)

We’ve introduced significant changes to allow us to award more grants each year as well as open up the Program to all Queensland Health clinicians providing direct care to patients in an emergency. The changes are designed to engage more Queensland clinicians in emergency medicine research and foster an innovative research culture.

New grants — available from June 2018
  • JumpStart — Up to $40,000
  • Leading Edge – Up to $100,000

These grants are open to PIs who are Queensland Health employees* providing direct clinical care to patients in pre-hospital and emergency department environments. For the first time, this includes emergency nurses, allied health professionals, paramedics and rural generalists.

Increased  funding for existing grants


EMF has increased the funding available for its three most popular and effective FACEM-led grant schemes:

  • Trainee –  $40,000 ($5000 increase)
  • Staff Specialist – $100,000 ($30,000 increase)
  • Project $450,000 ($150,000 increase).
Changes from 2019 EMF will no longer offer:

  • Program grant
  • Capacity Building grant
  • Scholarships.
Changes from 2020 EMF will only offer the following three grant schemes, which will be open to all Queensland Health clinicians working in the emergency/pre-hospital/retrievals setting:

  • JumpStart — Up to $40,000 (for one year)
  • Leading Edge – Up to $100,000 (over two years)
  • Project$450,000 (over three years).

Need help?

Collaborations While grants are only awarded to research administered and conducted in Queensland, we strongly encourage collaboration either in Australia or internationally.  We also encourage applications from multidisciplinary and multisite collaborations. EMF’s RSN is here to link you with potential collaborators so don’t hesitate to touch base.
Health economists Health economics is an important element to include in your research project. The data generated is essential for the translation and clinical adaption of health research and is critical for hospitals, the PBS and governments. EMF has a panel of health economists interested in being involved in research. Contact us for more information.
Want to make a start in research but don’t know how? Our RSN team members can provide you with guidance and support. Call us today to see how we can help you kick start your research project.
I want to apply for grant outside the offered grant schemes In line with the EMF Constitution, our Board may accept grant applications outside of the promoted grant schemes times that are not bound by published research grant rounds. The EMF Board may consider grant applications outside of the listed categories at their own discretion, on a case-by-case basis and reserves the right to make discretionary grants, subject to budgetary considerations. Please email  the Research Manager (grants@emfoundation.org.au) for an initial discussion in regards grant applications falling outside of the grant categories.


Application review process (PDF)

EMF maintains a highly transparent, thorough and expert ethics and review process. We also work with grant applicants to help facilitate project delivery where possible. Our grants administration provides considerable support and feedback to grant applicants prior to and during the application process.

Our committees: More about our expert review panel and advisory committees.

  • Please note: Unsuccessful applicants seeking more information about the application process should contact the Research Manager (grants@emfoundation.org.au).
  • Requests for Formal Outcome Reviews will be considered by the Board, and at its discretion will proceed to a formal review by an independent committee or party.

EMF thanks the Queensland Government for funding this Program through Queensland Health.

* This includes employees of Mater Misericordiae Health Services Brisbane Ltd, who work in the Mater Public Hospital.

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