Research Capacity Building

EMF is committed to building sustainable, long-term research capacity among emergency healthcare clinicians. Since 2008, we have invested almost $4 million into building research capacity in Queensland public hospital emergency departments. Our initiatives have led to thriving research cultures in some of the State’s busiest emergency departments as well as initiating research projects in regional and rural hospitals.

Through the Research Capacity Building grant scheme, EMF aims to boost research activities in Queensland public hospitals’ Emergency Departments, at the Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) and Retrieval Services Queensland (RSQ). Institutions applying for a Research Capacity Building grant are expected to use this funding to:

  • develop their research capacity through research, education and communication activities
  • establish a collaborative and multidisciplinary research culture within their department and with other institutions
  • promote and prioritise research as ‘core business’
  • work towards embedding research activities including data collection, routine evaluation, innovation, and translation of research results into clinical practice
  • attain a level of productivity and capability sufficient to attract nationally competitive grant funding in the medium and long term

EMF thanks the Queensland Government for funding the Queensland Research Program through Queensland Health.

How to apply – Round 42

Step 1: read the guidelines funding guidelines Research Capacity building grants (Pdf)  

Download and read the Funding guidelines for Research Capacity Building grants to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria and for detailed information on completing your application.

Step 2: prepare the EOI



This stage is to screen proposals through a short EOI – only those who successfully traverse the EOI process will be asked to submit a full application. You can use this template to build your grant application prior to submitting via our grant management platform, SmartyGrants.

Step 3: lodge the EOI
Closing date: 19 August

EMF uses SmartyGrants to process your application. The link above will take you to SmartyGrants where you can start, complete and submit your EOI.


The SmartyGrants Help Guide explains the steps you need to take to complete and submit your grant application.

Step 4: Prepare and submit full application
Closing date: 21 October
full application template (word)

Shortlisted applicants have been contacted and invited to submit a full application which must be consistent with the submitted EOI in scope and budget request. You can use the template above to build your grant application prior to submitting via our grant management platform, SmartyGrants.


EMF requires you to submit an Application Certification document with your application.

The Principal Investigator, the Head/s of Department/s (or equivalent) and the Administering Institution are required to sign the Application Certification Document which must be uploaded with the application.

Need help? Should you have any questions please contact the EMF Research Team on (07) 3720 5700 or email


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