SAFE STEPS – SAFE and Seamless Transition through Enhanced Proactive Support

Grant ID: EMPF-06R01-2022-KAR RAY

Project Summary

The physical health equivalent of a relapse in a mental health patient would be a repeat stroke or heart attack. Episodes may be fatal and the chances of full recovery decreases with each episode. Every effort must be made to detect and prevent emerging crisis in the community. Currently, patients present to Emergency Department (ED) despite being open to community case management, using precious ED resources. There is limited evidence regarding reducing unplanned ED presentations, with some needing psychiatric inpatient care. Princess Alexandra Hospital employed a Transition Coordinator to support the care of people who are deteriorating in the community. The Transition Coordinator has been collating a unique dataset, names of patients who have been flagged as deteriorating and have received support successfully, as well as those who have had unplanned presentations to ED or have needed admission. Our proposed study will analyse this dataset and identify key defining characteristics of planned and unplanned admissions. We will also survey patients, families and staff regarding what helps in a crisis and why they presented to the ED rather than to the community clinic. A clinical audit of the notes will also provide information on what happened in the lead up to an unplanned admission. In-depth interviews with patients and supporting family and staff will provide further insights. The findings will inform service changes. They will be pulled into a replicable package to free up ED resources and inpatients beds through provision of early detection and treatment in the community.


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Principal Investigator:
A/Prof Manaan Kar Ray

Co Investigators:
Dr Marianne Wyder
Ms Idalia Rodriguez
Dr Theo Theodoros
Dr Anup Joseph
Dr Kate Wick
Ms Rosemary Sorrensen


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