Research Scholarship Grant Dr Jeremy Furyk

Management of Paediatric Status Epilepticus in Australia and New Zealand

Grant ID: EMRS-51R25-2016

Lay Summary

Status epilepticus (SE) occurs when seizures do not stop spontaneously and can result in long-term disabilities and occasionally death. There is a paucity of high quality evidence on SE, particularly in children and causes and outcomes are different from adults. This programme of research on SE uses mixed methods to address this gap in knowledge. The research includes establishing a national registry of status epilepticus in children, identifying consensus research priorities amongst experts, and a qualitative evaluation of alternatives to informed consent (which is a potential barrier to prospective emergency research).


- Furyk J, McBainRigg K, Watt K, et al. "Qualitative evaluation of a deferred consent process in paediatric emergency research: a PREDICT study. 'BMJ Open' 2017;7:e018562. doi:10.1136/ bmjopen-2017-018562 []


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Principal Investigator:
Dr Jeremy Furyk

A/Prof Kerrianne Watt A/Prof Franz Babl Dr Stuart Dalziel



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