Research Capacity Building Grant – Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service

Grant ID: EMCB-320R38-2022

Project Summary

The aim of this application is to increase participation in research, strengthen research culture and systematize research processes within SCHHS ED. The strategic vision is the development of systems and structures that encourage and support researchers and invite participation in research. The central element of this application is the implementation of a Research Manager who will establish processes for tracking and applying for grants, completing research governance requirements, recruiting and supporting new researchers, and developing networks. To ensure there is minimal disruption to the ongoing research activity of SCHHS ED while the Research Manager role is being implemented this grant will also include funding for a 0.1 FTE Research CN. The support from these positions will be extended to the SCHHS Trauma Service, which is an important partner to the ED and is early stages of developing research capability. The expected benefit of this grants is that there will be a more prominent research culture in the ED, there will be more research projects within the ED, and the ED will achieve greater success in applying for research grants.


Amount Awarded


Grant Scheme


Principal Investigator:
Dr Kent Perkins

Co Investigators:
A/Prof Ogilvie Thom
Dr Michelle Davison
Dr Andrew Hobbins-King


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