Relief of chest pain in the Emergency Department (RELIEF)

Grant ID: EMJS-423R38-2022-BROWNLEE

Project Summary

Many patients who present to the Emergency Department with painful conditions have extensive delays to receive pain relief. This may result in unnecessary discomfort for patients and can also mean that patients have an extended length of stay. This study focusses on improving the pain relief given to patients who present to the Emergency Department with chest pain. The study has multiple aims. The first is to identify how long patients presenting to emergency department with chest pain wait to receive adequate pain relief. The second is to document how delays to pain relief impact on the patient and on the healthcare system (in terms of greater hospital admissions, longer length of stay and the types of cardiac testing that can be performed). The third aim is to see whether a novel education campaign highlighting the importance of providing pain relief as soon as possible after the patient presents to the Emergency Department can reduce the length of time before a patient is provided pain relief. This campaign will particularly focus on the nursing staff and will empower them to advocate for rapid pain relief. It is anticipated that this campaign will reduce the time taken to provide pain relief to patients. It is also hoped to reduce hospital length of stay and hospital admissions. This study is important for improving patient comfort and improving patient and health service outcomes.


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Principal Investigator:
Ms Emily Brownlee

Co Investigators:
Prof Louise Cullen
A/Prof Jaimi Greenslade
Prof William Parsonage
Ms Tracey Hawkins
Ms Laura Stephenson
Ms Elly McCormick

Associate Investigators:
Mr Jack McKenzie
Ms Jessica Carl
Mr Aaron Gribble


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