Research Capacity Building Grant – The Prince Charles Hospital

Grant ID: EMCB-332R39-2023

Project Summary

The proposed Research Capacity Building grant aims to increase participation in research, strengthen the research culture and ensure that research becomes core business within The Prince Charles Hospital Emergency Department (TPCH-ED). The strategic vision includes strengthening of systems and structures that enable researchers, both novice and experienced, across all disciplines to participate in high-leverage, practice-changing research activities, with a view to embedding a research culture into day-to-day practice. A core element is the strengthening of collaborations between departments, across disciplines and with other health facilities. The proposed strategy is the training of a group of research nurses to equip them with the foundation skills, knowledge, and preliminary experience to actively promote and support research in the department. The model is one of appointment of experienced clinical nurses, new to research roles, in part-time sequential appointments. Recruitment from existing ED workforce would be ideal, allowing retention of a substantive position which the researcher would return to after the research immersion. This would assist in embedding a research culture amongst clinical nurses and provide opportunity for continuation of research engagement on return to clinical duties. The expected benefit of this approach is that there will be a highly visible research focus within the ED, with multiple opportunities for engagement, underpinned by the premise that depth and breadth in a research group, rather than reliance on a few key individuals, is paramount. This proposal would ensure that research enthusiasm and knowledge is shared across a multidisciplinary group of dedicated individuals and retained within the organization.



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Amount Awarded


Grant Scheme


Principal Investigator:
Dr Faye Jordan

Co Investigators:
Prof Paul Fulbrook


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