Quality linking of health data to evaluate patient and health service outcomes and key performance indicators following the implementation of patient flow strategies.


Lay Summary

In order to understand the effectiveness of health service delivery, and the impact of changes in processes and procedures, it is important to first be capable of analysing the data that documents patients’ journeys through the hospital. This project will bring together key data from multiple disjointed information systems so that analysis can be undertaken on the flow of patients through the Gold Coast Hospital (GCH); from the ambulance, through the Emergency Department, and admission to a ward, including the operating rooms, radiology, pathology, and pharmacy that they encounter up to their departure. With this holistic view of patients’ journey of care, the baseline and measure impact of initiatives will be determined to ensure that patients flow through the environments with minimal delay and improved outcomes.


The main outcome expected for this research includes establishing a linked data set that can be used to directly inform (and track improvements in) clinical practice and patient outcomes.


Amount Awarded


Grant Scheme


Principal Investigator:
Dr Gerben Keijzers

Co Investigators:
A/Prof Julia Crilly
John O'Dwyer

Associate Investigators:
James Lind
Jane Hancock
Nicola Melton
Norm Good
Emma Enraght-Moody
Naomi Dwyer
Trudy McGovern
Wendy Chaboyer


Collaborating Institutions

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