PaNURAMA Inter-facility Transfer Tool: a validation study of the Paediatric Non-Urgent, Risk Assessment, Management and nurse escort Assessment Tool for safe children’s inter-facility Transfer

Grant ID: EMLE-163R34-2020-DAVISON

Project Summary

Most paediatric inter-facility transfers within Australia are for children that do not qualify for specialist paediatric retrieval services but still require access to specialised paediatric care not offered at the local healthcare facility.

Evidence-based transfer guidance for children requiring retrieval are well established. However, for children who do not meet retrieval criteria, there is little guidance for referring and accepting clinicians on how to coordinate safe transfer. Nurse escorts are often deployed but may not be trained sufficiently to deal with arising complications during transfer. Additionally, with the availability and scope of paramedics, the deployment of nurse escorts may not be required, and unecessarily deplete valuable resources at referring facilities.

A risk stratification tool has been developed to determine which non-urgent transfers require higher level consultation and management prior to and during transfer, and nursing escort. The validation of this tool may assist to accurately identify higher-risk children, enabling application of appropriate safeguards, an appropriate level of consultation and escort, and supporting clinician decision-making surrounding transport Australia-wide.


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Principal Investigator:
Dr Michelle Davison

Co Investigators:
Dr Clare Thomas
Ms Roni Cole
Dr Bronwyn Griffin
Dr Sanjeewa Kularatna
Dr Nicole White
Dr Lauren MacDowall
Mr David Crookston
Dr Anthony Slater

Associate Investigators:
Dr Michelle Thompson
Ms Sharri Mace
Dr Sarah Davidson


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