Linking best practice workforce models to Emergency Department funding through SWAMPED:

State-wide Workforce and Activity-Based Funding (ABF) Modelling for Queensland Emergency Departments


Lay Summary

The aims of this research are to link best practice ED workforce models to available ED funding under an activity-based funding (ABF), while contributing to the development of an improved national activity and outcome-based ED funding model. The funding model for Emergency Departments under ABF is evolving. The challenge for ED leaders (both Medical and Nursing) will be to transition from a historical funding model to an ABF funding model. Under ABF, which is modified by jurisdiction specific purchasing initiatives, future resourcing (mainly human capital) will inevitably be linked to activity, performance, and safety and quality indicators. This research will identify the current status of funding of EDs, identify and critically appraise models for funding of EDs and identify the workforce implications of those funding models and propose a State-wide ED clinical workforce framework.

Leveraged Funds

- In-kind: $35,406


- Wylie K, Crilly J, Toloo GS, FitzGerald G, Burke J, Williams G, Bell A., "Emergency department models of care in the context of care quality and cost: A systematic review.", 'Emergency Medicine Australasia', 2015; 27(2), 95–101.
- Bell A, Crilly J, Williams G, Wylie K, Toloo GS, Burke J, FitzGerald G., "Funding emergency care: Australian style", 'Emergency Medicine Australasia', 2014; 26(4), 408–410.
- Wylie K, Bell A, FitzGerald G, Crilly J, Toloo GS, Burke J, Williams G., "The Implications of Activity Based Funding for Emergency Departments: A Comprehensive Literature Review", Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia, 2014; Published Monograph.


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Principal Investigator:
Dr Anthony Bell

Co Investigators:
Dr John Burke
Prof Gerry FitzGerald
A/Prof Julia Crilly
Prof Ged Williams


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