Can children be sedated effectively with only one needle?

Grant ID: EMSS-380R29-2018

Project Summary

Procedural sedation in emergency departments is performed on a daily basis. The current management plan arguably inflicts unnecessary pain and distress on children. This open label, multicenter, randomised control trial is investigating whether paediatric procedural sedation can be achieved with just one needle. The research team’s focus is the on determining the best outcome for the child in procedural sedation, prioritising psychological as well as medical consequences.


Harley, A., George, S., King, M., Phillips, N., Keijzers, G., Long, D., Gibbons, K., Bellomo, R. and Schlapbach, L.J., 2021. Early Resuscitation in Paediatric Sepsis Using Inotropes–A Randomised Controlled Pilot Study in the Emergency Department (RESPOND ED): Study Protocol and Analysis Plan. Frontiers in pediatrics, 9.



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Principal Investigator:
Dr Megan King

Co Investigators:
Dr Shane George
Dr Ben Lawton


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