Assessment of emergency presentations, outcomes and departmental impact of patients presenting after COVID-19 immunisation to a tertiary Paediatric Emergency Department.

Grant ID: EMEG-020R37-2022-JONES

Project Summary

Since the introduction of COVID-19 immunisations for young people aged 0-16yrs, patients and families have presented to the Emergency Department (ED) with concerns about possible side-effects. There have been rare but potentially serious complications of these immunisations reported worldwide including inflammation of the heart muscle and lining. These patients therefore need careful assessment and investigation in the Emergency Department.

This study will measure the number of patients presenting with these concerns, how they have been cared for and the outcomes of these assessments. It will assess the impact on Emergency Department (ED) resources and whether guidelines for assessment and reporting side effects have been followed. This information will be used to improve care pathways for this group of patients in the future.


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Principal Investigator:
Dr Jennifer Jones

Co Investigators:
Dr Natalie Phillips
Ms Ann Hinde
Dr Sophie Wen
Dr Katie Rasmussen


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