Study of pollen allergy impact on asthma in Queensland

Grant ID: EMPJ-209R29-2018

Project Summary

Grass pollen is the major outdoor allergen globally and grass pollen exposure has an important measurable and manageable impact on the medical burden of asthma. We propose investigating the role of allergy status on triggers for asthma in patients visiting hospital emergency departments in two regions of south east Queensland over a two year period, coinciding with NHMRC and ARC funded environmental health research led by collaborator CI Davies.

Data on weather and pollen exposure will be integrated with direct assessment of specific IgE profiles and respiratory viral triggers of asthma. Patients, including children over 12 years, presenting with primary diagnosis of asthma to a major urban hospital in a subtropical region and rural hospitals in the temperate regions of the Darling Downs will be recruited with informed consent.

Outcomes of this study are expected to inform need for utilising local current pollen exposure information to manage emergency department demand surges and underpin better management of pollen allergies outside of hospital by allergy physician and general practice.

Leveraged Funds

- ARC Discovery (DP170101630): $525,000 [awarded prior to this grant]
- NHMRC Grant (1116107): $626,000 (plus $186,000 cash and $467,129 in kind) [awarded prior to this grant]


Amount Awarded


Grant Scheme

Not Complete

Principal Investigator:
Dr Frances Kinnear

Co Investigators:
A/Prof Janet Davies
Dr Faye Jordan
Dr Polash Adhikari
Dr Philip Masel
Dr Alex King
Dr Hollie Berghofer
Dr Ross Sellars

Associate Investigators:
Ms Vivian Tapiolas
Ms Sarah Hazelwood
Dr Anwar Bilal
Prof Ian Yang


Collaborating Institutions

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