Retrospective analysis of GEDI impact on older adult patients presenting to the emergency department with a positive delirium screen (4AT)

Grant ID: EMEG-058R40-2023-WILLIAMS

Project Summary

Delirium in the older adult population is a common hospital complication linked to multiple adverse outcomes including longer lengths of stay, increased morbidity and mortality, greater cognitive and functional decline, and increased risk of re-presentation to the emergency department (ED). Patients with delirium can increase healthcare expenses by up to $30,000 extra per patient. This places a significant burden on the patient and the health system. The Geriatric Emergency Department Initiative (GEDI) has shown benefits in the ED management of older patients including reduction of re-presentations to the ED. However, the effectiveness of GEDI for older patients with delirium remains unclear. The aim of this research project is to compare clinical outcomes of older patients presenting to the ED with positive 4AT scores who received GEDI input versus those who did not, across a six-months period. The outcome measures will include ED length of stay and time to geriatric review.


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Principal Investigator:
Ms Kendall Williams

Co Investigators:
Dr Alison Craswell
Dr Henry Tsao
Ms Andrea Taylor
Dr Salih A Salih
Ms Tania Quaglio


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