Research Scholarship: Dr Colin Page

Grant ID: EMRF-001R22-2014

Project Summary

Dr Colin Page was awarded the Noel Stevenson Fellowship (in honour of eminent Queensland emergency medicine physician, Dr Noel Stevenson) to undertake a Doctorate of Philosophy (PHD). Dr Page is studying the antidotes and treatments that are commonly used by medical staff when looking after patients who are affected by drug toxicity. The PhD will be based at Princess Alexandra Hospital within the clinical toxicology unit with extension to other toxicology units/hospitals within Australia. It will be undertaken through the University of Newcastle (NSW) under the supervision of A/Prof Geoff Isbister and Prof Nicholas Buckley, who are both leaders in clinical toxicology research publications.

Dr Page has developed a clinical toxicology service at Princess Alexandra Hospital and Queensland through a locally run clinical toxicology unit and is the honorary medical director of the Queensland Poisons Information Centre. Clinical toxicology is the speciality that manages patients who are affected by drug toxicity either accidentally or in overdose. The project will primarily research antidotes and other treatments that are used in the management of toxicology patients. This will allow the introduction of safer treatments, new treatments and progressing the scientific basis behind treatments used in clinical toxicology.


1. Droperidol for use by paramedics
> An evaluation was completed looking at the effectiveness of Queensland Ambulance Service paramdedics using droperidol to sedate violent patients. The research team found the "use of droperidol for acute behavioral disturbance in the prehospital setting is associated with fewer adverse events, a shorter time to sedation, and fewer requirements for additional sedation." Dr Page was awarded the 2018 ACEM John Gilroy Potts award for best emergency medicine research publication (for his paper on 'A Prospective Before and After Study of Droperidol for Prehospital Acute Behavioral Disturbance').

Sadly, Dr Page passed away in late 2018 before he could complete his PhD. Notwithstanding, his extraordinary research output stands testament to Dr Page's research acumen and achievements in the toxicology field.


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