Can interactive online learning using enhanced technology adequately teach trauma-based procedural skills to emergency nursing clinicians?

Grant ID: EMLE-246R39-2023-WILLIAMSON

Project Summary

Injury and trauma are common presentations to Queensland Emergency Departments. Clinicians caring for trauma victims must maintain competency with trauma procedures and interventions to apply them in a time-critical context, accurately, and therefore achieve the best outcome for individual patients. Engagement with traditional educational approaches, such as face-to-face training, is challenged by workload, shift patterns, clinician location and lack of opportunity to attend dedicated training events. A previous learning needs analysis of trauma education programs has highlighted that the greatest challenges are often faced by clinicians in rural and remote locations. One solution is to include the use of online learning platforms, to connect and assess clinician knowledge, with positive feedback regarding the engagement and experience for the learner. This study aims to use high-fidelity interactive online education, using a range of technologies including 360 videos with user interaction capabilities to design and develop a scalable model for future-proofing trauma education across Queensland. The research will test the effectiveness of (1) the approach to design and development in terms of scalability and (2) the online resources and assessment procedures in terms of the impact on knowledge and skill development.


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Principal Investigator:
Dr Frances Williamson

Co Investigators:
A/Prof Kate Thompson
A/Prof Christina Parker
Prof Damian Candusso
Prof Lori Lockyer
Prof Michael Muller
Mr Gavin Winter
Mr Thom Saunders
Ms Laura Owens

Associate Investigators:
Dr Michelle Dodds


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