Examination of health care assessment practices and costs pre- and post- implementation of an accelerated chest pain assessment protocol.

What is the processes of care for patients who present to the Emergency Department with chest pain?

Grant ID: EMSS-221R24-2015

Project Summary

Professor Cullen and her research team developed the IMPACT protocol with EMF funding. This protocol enables the rapid diagnosis of low and medium risk patients presenting to the emergency department with chest pain. The protocol has been put into practice across Queensland Health. This body of research aimed to identify whether the translation had been successful at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital.


The IMPACT protocol was rapidly adopted and utilised after implementation into standard care. The initial increase in the proportion of patients undergoing accelerated assessment, followed by a plateau towards the end of the study period indicate adoption and sustainability of the IMPACT protocol over a two-year period. Modest reductions in length of stay and cost were seen after implementation. Given the large number of patients investigated for chest pain, such reductions may have substantial impact on the overall healthcare system.

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Greenslade, J.H., Ho, A., Hawkins, T., Parsonage, W., Crilly, J. and Cullen, L., 2020. Examining the translational success of an initiative to accelerate the assessment of chest pain for patients in an Australian emergency department: a pre-post study. BMC health services research, 20, pp.1-9.

Crilly, J., Greenslade, J.H., Berndt, S., Hawkins, T. and Cullen, L., 2020. Facilitators and barriers for emergency department clinicians using a rapid chest pain assessment protocol: qualitative interview research. BMC health services research, 20(1), pp.1-11.


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Principal Investigator:
Prof Louise Cullen

Co Investigators:
A/Prof Jaimi Greenslade
Prof William Parsonage
Dr Adam Scott
Dr Jacobus Ungerer
Prof Julia Crilly

Associate Investigators:
Ms Ariel Ho
Prof Nicholas Graves
Ms Tracey Hawkins
Prof Gerben Keijzers
Ms Sara Berndt


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  • Development & trial of ImpACT protocol
  • Prof Cullen's PhD scholarship -- developing ImpACT

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