Evaluating the effectiveness of pre-hospital fibrinogen concentrate administration for major haemorrhage

Grant ID: EMTC-020R03-2023-KITCATT

Project Summary

Fibrinogen is a component of blood that is vital in the formation of blood clots, and low levels are often found in trauma patients who are bleeding. Low levels of fibrinogen cause problems with blood clotting and result in ongoing bleeding. Replacement fibrinogen has only been available in major hospitals which has been a problem given that the majority of trauma patients (most from the result of road accidents) treated by pre-hospital medical services are in rural and remote areas where this has not been available. Fibrinogen concentrate (FibC) is being introduced into Queensland’s pre-hospital and retrieval services to improve equity of access and facilitate early administration to patients that are critically bleeding. This study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of early FibC administration for bleeding trauma patients in the pre-hospital and retrieval setting and is the first study of its kind to do so. Should the study find a significant benefit of this early administration it will result in improved outcomes for such trauma patients, and has the potential to modify international medical practice in the management of bleeding trauma patients.


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Principal Investigator:
Dr Eleanor Kitcatt

Co Investigators:
Dr Adam Holyoak
Dr Alistair Hamilton
Dr Clinton Gibbs
Ms Renee Bolot
Dr Russel Funch
Dr Peter Del Mar
Ms Samantha Lennard
Ms Jenine Lawlor

Associate Investigators:
Dr Daniel Bodnar


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