Data linkage & patient outcome study: Aeromedical services in Central Queensland

Grant ID: EMPJ-370R27-2017

Project Summary

The development of linked data from aeromedical retrieval & health system databases will provide improved, value-added insights to patient care and outcome analysis. This first-of-its-kind study seeks to take the next step in patient-centered outcomes research and resource allocation planning by linking together existing, but independent emergency department, aeromedical, hospital and death databases. Our pilot study has linked databases, creating secure & robust infrastructure for future state-wide studies.

The aims of the study are:
a) Utilise the linked data infrastructure that we’ve created, allowing next phase state-wide replication; describe aeromedical patient outcomes (including length of stay and mortality); understand aeromedical service requirements for specific illness/ injury, those that require frequent flights, & identify steps within the patient journey.
b) Develop a better understanding of the aeromedical patient journey to help to develop appropriate health services delivery, in particular emergency departments whom most often are first point-of-service, thus ensuring better health outcomes.


Linking patient data has helped to comprehensively understand the patient journey and monitor the performance of the regional referral system.

The proposed quality framework allowed benchmarking to explore areas for improvement within the system, especially around equality and equity.

The project also led to new collaborations between Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service, Retrieval Services Queensland, CSIRO Health and Biosecurity, Royal Flying Doctor Services, LifeFlight Retrieval Medicine and James Cook University.

Future analysis of state-wide linked aeromedical data, through a referral pathway lens, will help to identify service performance improvement and strengthen the regional emergency care system.

Leveraged Funds

- $150,000 Central Queensland HHS grant
- $50,000 EMF Project Grant (2016): EMPJ-363R25-2016 (see links)


Amount Awarded


Grant Scheme


Principal Investigator:
Dr Mark Edwards

Co Investigators:
Ms Kristin Edwards PhD (c)
Dr Richard Franklin
Dr Mark Elcock
Dr Peter Aitken

Associate Investigators:
Professor Peter Leggat


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  • EMPJ-363R25-2016

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