Data linkage & patient outcome study: Aeromedical services in Central Queensland

Grant ID: EMPJ-370R27-2017

Project Summary

The development of linked data from aeromedical retrieval & health system databases will provide improved, value-added insights to patient care and outcome analysis. This first-of-its-kind study seeks to take the next step in patient-centered outcomes research and resource allocation planning by linking together existing, but independent emergency department, aeromedical, hospital and death databases. Our pilot study has linked databases, creating secure & robust infrastructure for future state-wide studies.

The aims of the study are:
a) Utilise the linked data infrastructure that we’ve created, allowing next phase state-wide replication; describe aeromedical patient outcomes (including length of stay and mortality); understand aeromedical service requirements for specific illness/ injury, those that require frequent flights, & identify steps within the patient journey.
b) Develop a better understanding of the aeromedical patient journey will help to develop appropriate health services delivery, in particular emergency departments whom most often are first point-of-service, thus ensuring better health outcomes.

Leveraged Funds

- $150,000 Central Queensland HHS grant
- $50,000 EMF Project Grant (2016): EMPJ-363R25-2016


Amount Awarded


Grant Scheme


Principal Investigator:
Dr Mark Edwards

Co Investigators:
Ms Kristin Edwards PhD (c)
Dr Richard Franklin
Dr Mark Elcock
Dr Peter Aitken

Associate Investigators:
Professor Peter Leggat


Collaborating Institutions

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