Capacity Building Grant – third year: Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

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The Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital (RBWH) Emergency and Trauma Centre (E&TC) is committed to research as a way to improve both patient outcomes and the delivery of emergency care services. With the support of competitive grants from funding bodies, the E&TC has rapidly established a reputation for high quality, medically-oriented clinical and health services research. Our capacity and support for such work has resulted in international collaborations, publications in leading journals and translation of findings into clinical practice with tangible benefits to both patients and health services. Despite these successes, several years ago we recognised that there were still barriers to participation in research by emergency nursing and allied health clinicians.

It was evident that dedicated senior research support was required, which prompted our Capacity Building application to EMF in 2015. The resulting conjoint senior nurse research role was first occupied in 2017 and, in less than 18 months, has energized nursing and allied health clinicians to define key research questions, collaborate across disciplines and institutions, apply for funding, design and conduct research studies, publish manuscripts, present at professional meetings, and enrol in research higher degrees.

In applying to extend the funding for the conjoint senior nurse research fellow to a third year we acknowledge the essential contribution this position makes to our research capacity and to the development of individual nursing and allied health staff into effective clinician-researchers. Together with the commitments already received from RBWH and Queensland University of Technology, a third year of EMF funding will enable the full expectations of this conjoint position to be realized, thereby maximising the likelihood of attracting future recurrent funding.


The appointment in 2017 of Dr James Hughes as conjoint Emergency Nurse Researcher/Senior Research Fellow has substantially increased the capacity and output of multidisciplinary research in the RBWH Emergency and Trauma Centre.

Research and professional development among nursing and allied health clinicians has been renewed, and the hospital has seen increased collaboration across disciplines, with more manuscripts published and present.

The position has strengthened the multidisciplinary team's participation in evidence creation and application to their daily clinical care. There has also been growth in collaboration and professional partnerships with major research centres, universities, other hospitals, the CSIRO, Queensland Ambulance Service and Pathology Queensland.

Outputs from the position have exceeded those expected and placed the Emergency and Trauma Centre at the forefront of emergency care research.

Leveraged Funds

- Queensland University of Technology, School of Nursing: $40,000
- Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital: $42,148


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Prof Louise Cullen


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  • Linked EMF grant: Capacity Building Grant: Royal Brisbane Hospital

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