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The Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) is bolstering COVID-19 recovery efforts with additional funding available immediately, including a new grant opportunity for emerging and novice researchers.

With grant round 36 now open, emergency clinician-researchers are invited to apply for funding to support innovative projects. For existing grant schemes – JumpStart and Leading Edge – EMF is increasing the amount available in grant round 36 to $700,000 as a boost for emergency medicine research.

In addition, EMF has introduced a new grant scheme to encourage emergency healthcare clinicians who have not yet begun their research journey and who wish to develop new skills by conducting a small project.

The new Emerge scheme will offer grants of up to $10,000 for projects that can be achieved within twelve months.

“We recognise that the COVID pandemic has impacted research projects involving frontline clinicians, as hospital and healthcare services were forced to reprioritise resources away from research activities,” said Dr Kim Hansen, EMF Chair.

“As part of the broader recovery effort, we are keen to reinvigorate emergency medicine research at a time when it is more important than ever to find solutions for new and ongoing challenges.”

Applications for grant round 36 will be accepted until 5pm on 13 August, while emerging and novice researchers have until mid-October to apply for the new Emerge grant scheme.

The announcement follows a recent change to the terms of reference for funding, increasing flexibility for applicants by removing the need to apply for ethics approval prior to applying.

More information about grant round 36 can be found on the Queensland Research Program. Funding guidelines and application details for Emerge will be available on the EMF website shortly.


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