Paediatric peripheral intravenous cannulation package to improve practice: the experience of a mixed metropolitan Emergency Department.

Grant ID: EMEG-012R37-2022-LIEW

Project Summary

Insertion of intravenous (IV) cannulas (often called a drip) in children is difficult and potentially distressing for the child and their family. The goal of this project is to use the best evidence available to improve and standardise the procedure of placing the drip, so we improve our success on the first attempt and reduce complications. The evidence-based bundle includes a decision-making guide, visual pictures, and resources to support staff performing the procedure. Best practice techniques include appropriate pain relief, holding and distracting the child well, and dressing the drip securely so it is less likely to fall out. The project will describe how well the resources are used, and will hopefully show improved practice, meaning it is more likely the drip is inserted successfully on the first attempt, less likely to fall out, and there are less complications such as infection, excessive pain, or reinsertion.


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Principal Investigator:
Dr Michelle Dodds

Co Investigators:
Dr Jason Chan
Dr Kong Liew
Ms Natasha Edwards


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