Interaction of hyperdynamic septic shock and sepsis endotypes: a new paradigm

Grant ID: EMLE-161R34-2020-HARLEY

Project Summary

Sepsis is an emergency medical condition that is caused by an abnormal response of the body to the presence of harmful microorganisms in the blood. It can lead to injury of body organs, shock and loss of life. Every year, 11 million people worldwide die due to sepsis.

Despite advances in the treatment of infections, management strategies for sepsis remain suboptimal. Inadequate understanding of immune system response to severe infection is partly to blame. Patients present to hospital with different signs that may include having warm peripheries and low blood pressure (hyperdynamic shock). Critically ill patients with sepsis who present with these signs, commonly receive medications to support blood pressure (vasopressors) but it is unclear whether starting vasopressor early, will result in better patient response or outcomes.

This study will investigate whether starting early vasopressor is better compared to delayed initiation. As clinicians working in the emergency department and intensive care, researchers will be able use study findings to develop better ways of treating septic patients.

Leveraged Funds

- The Prince Charles Hospital Innovations Grant, 2023: $8,951
- The Prince Charles Hospital Innovations Grant, 2021: $65,902


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Principal Investigator:
Ms Amanda Harley

Co Investigators:
Dr Sainath Raman
Dr Nchafatso Obonyo
Dr Katrina Ricker
Dr Jacky Suen
Prof John Fraser
A/Prof Gianluigi Li Bassi
Professor Gerben Keijzers

Associate Investigators:
Prof Adrian Barnett
Ms Margaret Passmore
Ms Carmen Ainola
Dr Louise See Hoe
Dr Nicole Bartnikowski
Mr Keiran Hyslop
Ms Gabriella Abbate
Dr Nicole White


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