Coronary Artery Disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

Grant ID: EMLE-202R36-2021-STARMER

Project Summary

The current assessment for emergency department (ED) patients with chest pain focuses on the short-term risk of heart attack, to differentiate low risk patients from those at high risk and requiring further treatment. This has been shown to be safe and effective for non-Indigenous patients, however, deaths from heart attack in Indigenous Australians occur, on average, at younger ages than non-Indigenous Australians.

Due to the high lifetime prevalence of heart attack in Indigenous Australians, ED investigations that focus on both short- and long-term risks may improve outcomes. Understanding rates of, and the types of patients who have coronary artery disease in this cohort would provide additional information about who requires further testing.

The aim of this study is to measure the rate of coronary artery disease in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who present to the ED with chest pain. By identifying how many Indigenous patients with chest pain in the ED have coronary artery disease, researchers aim to establish foundational knowledge to develop a heart attack risk assessment that is specific to Indigenous patients.


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Principal Investigator:
Dr Katrina Starmer

Co Investigators:
Prof Louise Cullen
Dr Gregory Starmer
A/Prof Jaimi Greenslade
Prof Will Parsonage
Dr Anthony Brazzale
Ms Virginia Campbell
Mr Jeremy Rigney
Ms Tania Davis

Associate Investigators:
Dr Nathan Brown
Ms Laura Foran
Dr Louise McCormack
Dr Elizabeth Mowatt
Dr Robert Bonnin
Dr Daniel Web


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