Comparison of respiratory supports in the mitigation or exacerbation of environmental droplet contamination following coughing

Grant ID: EMSF-009COV-2020-McCAFFERY

Project Summary

COVID-19 is an infectious respiratory pathogen with significant capacity to spread within the healthcare environment which has been highlighted by the number of healthcare staff internationally that have died or suffered significant morbidity through transmission while caring for patients. Guidelines recommend distancing between healthcare staff and patients and the need for personal protective equipment (PPE).

The majority of hospitalised and unwell patients with COVID-19 will receive some type of respiratory support, however very little is known in regard to how differing devices mitigate or exacerbate spread of respiratory droplets during coughing. Inadequate information has led to restrictions on certain types of therapies being offered to patients at risk for COVID-19. This study aims to clarify the extent of environmental contamination from droplet spread during coughing and the effect of different types of standard respiratory support on this.


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Principal Investigator:
Dr Kevin McCaffery

Co Investigators:
Dr Nandini Choudhury
Prof Marcus Watson
Ms Ruth McCaffery


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