Capacity Building Grant: The Prince Charles Hospital


Project Summary

With an EMF Capacity Building grant, The Prince Charles Hospital Emergency Department has engaged in more than 20 research projects. The majority involve significant input from the Hospital's emergency clinicians, who are working in collaboration with other Queensland and interstate emergency department and/or academic institutions such as as CSIRO.

Projects include:
> QAS Clinical Decision Making study
> ARISTOS, sepsis study
> REFRESH, sepsis study
> Paediatric ED evaluation
> Paediatric ED discharge communication
> Pneumothorax study
> Lung ultrasound study
> PHFEW, CO2 in paediactic nasal hi-flow
> POTTY, technique for urine sample collection for pre-toilet trained children
> ED complaints
> Pathology checking
> Melatonin for paediactric ADHD
> ED alternatives study
> Whiplash study
> Interns prescribing abilities

Leveraged Funds

- The Prince Charles Hospital Foundation -- $140,314


Journal articles
- Macdonald, S.P., Kinnear, F.B., Arendts, G., Ho, K.M. and Fatovich, D.M., “Near-infrared spectroscopy to predict organ failure and outcome in sepsis: the Assessing Risk in Sepsis using a Tissue Oxygen Saturation (ARISTOS) study”, Eur J Emerg Med., 2018 Jan 17. doi: 10.1097/MEJ.0000000000000535. [Epub ahead of print]
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Conference Posters & Presentations
- Fulbrook P, Jessup M, Kinnear F (2017). The nurse navigator role in the emergency department: does it improve throughput? XIII Congress of Intensive and Critical Care Medicine, XXII Brazilian Congress of Intensive Care Medicine, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 8-11 November 2017. Oral presentation by Fulbrook P.
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- Hansen, K., 'EMER - Emergency Medicine Events Register', International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare, 22nd April 2015, London. 


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Principal Investigator:
Dr Frances Kinnear



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