Research Scholarship Grant: Dr Jeremy Furyk

The course aims to further understanding of the issues involved in the design, conduct, analysis and interpretation of randomized controlled trials for health interventions. Skills to be developed include scrutinizing information, critical analysis and ability to carry out research and communicate effectively.

Grant ID: FELL-2009-004-FURYK-MSC

Project Summary

The importance of good quality clinical trials in health care is being increasingly recognized worldwide. The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) is the leading postgraduate medical institution in Europe in the subjects of public health and tropical medicine.
The Master of Science in Clinical Trials, conducted online, aims to provide those with some experience in the area of clinical trials to broaden their role in design, management, analysis and reporting of clinical trials.

The first year of the course covers the core topics of; fundamentals of clinical trials, basic statistics for clinical trials, clinical trials in practice and reporting and reviewing clinical trials. Techniques, and methods learnt from the course will directly benefit the Emergency Department at Townsville and with emergency medicine research activities at the hospital and within the region.


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Principal Investigator:
Dr Jeremy Furyk


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