A retrospective cohort review study of patients with Primary Immune Deficiency (PID) who have presented to the emergency department (ED) with a fever

Grant ID: EMEG-055R40-2023-RYAN

Project Summary

Primary Immune Deficiency can develop into frequent and in some cases severe infections, and inflammation. With this cohort of patients being so vulnerable, they should be treated and assessed promptly when presenting to an emergency department with a fever. There remains a critical need in this specific population to optimise strategies aiming to improve the recognition as to which febrile patients require immediate intervention, and to identify if treatment can be withheld/de-escalated safely.

Currently there are limited guidelines and knowledge surrounding this specific population when they present to an ED creating a gap in research. This dissertation will aim to address this via:

1. A scoping Review of global standards and practices of febrile PID children presenting to ED, and
2. A retrospective review, of all paediatric patients with a PID who present to an ED with a fever. Data will include demographics, PID characteristics, ED diagnosis, procedures and disposition.


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Principal Investigator:
Ms Samantha Ryan

Co Investigators:
A/Prof Bronwyn Griffin
A/Prof Elizabeth Forster


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