Faster care for the elderly

A new program will potentially fast-track quality care for the elderly in emergency departments, particularly those in regional hospitals.

EMF is funding the evaluation of a pilot trial of the Geriatric Emergency Department Intervention (GEDI) program at Cairns Hospital and Ipswich Hospital in Queensland.

The program grew out of CEDRiC, an initiative available on the Sunshine Coast, which aims to strengthen the capacity of the aged care sector to deliver high quality aged care and improve care for older adults in the emergency department.

GEDI is a unique nurse-led, doctor-championed service model. It facilitates advanced assessment tailored to the individual, nurse-initiated specialist referral, fast-tracking of care through the emergency department and appropriate safe discharge planning for persons aged 70 and over, including those from residential aged care facilities.

In an initial successful trial, elderly patients were more likely to be discharged, if admitted they spent, on average, 24 hours less in hospital and the costs of their care were reduced by up to 30 per cent.

Professor Marianne Wallis explained more about the program and the research at the 2018 EMF Grants Award Ceremony — watch the below video of her talk.


More about the EMF grant for this project


Pictured above: members of the GEDI research team, Andrea Taylor & Professor Marianne Wallis


EMF funding is improving emergency care for the elderly

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