Queensland Emergency Research Collaborative (QERC)

Queensland Emergency Research Collaborative (QERC)

QERC is an independent network for Queensland emergency medicine researchers, meeting on a bi-monthly basis to discuss research opportunities.

QERC aims to improve the quality and impact of emergency health research activities by supporting multi-centre research and facilitating collaboration between institutions, health care providers, researchers and industry partners involved in the delivery of and advancement to emergency health care.

The group’s meetings promote structured emergency care projects with a potential for state wide, national, or international relevance, and can help initiate interest or participation in your project.

EMF provides QERC with in-kind support, including administrative, secretariat, teleconferencing and meeting facilities.

QERC evolved from the former SWEDRN (State-Wide Emergency Department Research Network).

For more information on QERC, contact:

Improving jellyfish sting treatment

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