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Ladder related injuries

Injuries and even death as a consequence of falls from ladders are increasing, especially in the home environment where elderly men are the most frequently presenting age group. There is considerable interest among health and safety professionals to develop injury prevention campaigns focusing on both ladders and their correct use. However there are large gaps in our knowledge, particularly in relation to the product choice, contribution of alcohol or medications, and compliance of safety practices at the time of the accident. This study is a collaboration bringing together expertise in emergency medicine, health economics, accident prevention and product safety. It…

Principal Investigator: Dr Gabriella Wood (nee Butler)
Amount Awarded: $18,633


A comparison between compressed air and Nitrox gas for recreational scuba divers to 18 msw

The Emergency department at The Townsville Hospital sees the largest number of emergency patients with decompression illness in Australia, due both tertiary referral and the proximity of the great barrier reef. Decompression illness is the commonest form of diving related emergency requiring emergency management. It is thought that nitrogen bubbles become trapped in the body as the gas expands upon ascent of the diver to the surface. Divers have found that in order to dive for longer periods underwater they can use Nitrox (a gas with a higher oxygen content than compressed air and therefore less nitrogen), from their scuba…

Principal Investigator: Dr Denise Blake
Amount Awarded: $19,382


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