Applying for a grant

Grant Round 34 opens 15 June 2020

Step 1: Download the Application Guidelines 

Read the Grant Guidelines to ensure you meet the full eligibility guidelines and for detailed information on completing your application.


Application guidelines (PDF)    (for grants from June 2018)


Do you meet the PI and CI eligibility criteria?

Refer to the Application Guidelines Section 2

  • The Principal Investigator (PI) is a Queensland Health employee (this includes employees who work in the Mater Public Hospital, Brisbane).
  •  Depending on the grant scheme, the PI will either need to be either (a) FACEM (Fellow of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine) or FRACP PEM (Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians – Paediatric Emergency Medicine); or (b) A clinician who is providing direct clinical care to patients in pre-hospital and emergency department environments, including emergency nurses, doctors, allied health professionals, paramedics and rural generalists.
  • JumpStart and Leading Edge grants require a Co-Investigator (CI) who is a Queensland Health employed FACEM or FRACP PEM
  • Your grant will be administered through a Queensland-based Hospital and Health Service cost centre or equivalent; a hospital based trust fund or equivalent; a university; or a medical research institute.
Do you meet the research eligibility criteria?

Refer to the Application Guidelines Section 2

i. The research will be conducted in Queensland. (NB: This does not preclude collaboration with experts elsewhere in Australia or internationally; EMF will support the Queensland site/s of a trial/project.)

ii. The application must demonstrate that the proposed research:

  • is directed at improving the healthcare of patients in an emergency
  •  aims to advance the field of emergency medicine and
  • builds capacity in Queensland emergency medicine research.

iii. EMF encourages:

  • multidisciplinary and multisite collaborations
  • research teams seeking leveraged or matched funding to build on EMF grants.
Are you including a health economist on the team? Health economics is an important element to include in your research project. The data generated is essential for the translation and clinical adaption of health research and is critical for hospitals, the PBS and governments. EMF strongly encourages you to include a Health Economist as part of your research team.
Have you thought about translating your results? EMF strongly encourages grant applicants to consider how they will translate their research outcomes.


Step 2: Application documentation


Fill out your application in a Word template


You need to submit your application via our online grant management platform, SmartyGrants. However, this is not the ideal medium for drafting your application as your login can time-out. We recommend using the supplied Word templates to draft your application. You will need to use the copy and paste function in Word to transfer the content from the Word templates to your application in SmartyGrants. It is not possible to upload Word files directly to SmartyGrants.

Download the Word templates:

Read the SmartyGrants guide


To submit your grant application, you will need to follow the prompts to enter your details in SmartyGrants. We recommend you read through the Help Guide to make this process easier.

SmartyGrants Guide

Complete the application certification EMF requires you to submit an Application Certification document with your application. Please fill in this document and upload into your SmartyGrants application.

Application Certification Document (PDF) 

Step 3: Lodge your application


To submit your application, you need to click on the ‘Apply Now’ link. This will take you to SmartyGrants, the secure online site we use to process your application.

Need to know more? Please call our Research Team on (07) 3720 5700 or email:

Find our future grants rounds at our Research Grants Calendar.

Improving jellyfish sting treatment

Applying for a grant? Make use of our application guidelines, SmartyGrants guide, application templates and other resources to help make the process easier.


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