Queensland emergency medicine research to continue

The Minister for Health and Minister for Ambulance Services, the Honourable Cameron Dick, has announced renewed funding for the EMF Queensland Research Program.


Mr Dick said EMF will receive $6.6 million (including GST) funding over three years to continue this important program in Queensland.

“The Palaszczuk Government is proud to provide this funding to the Emergency Medicine Foundation which is based in Queensland and provides the only dedicated emergency medicine research grant program in Australia,” Mr Dick said.  

“Since Queensland Health launched EMF in 2007, EMF has awarded 131 research grants right across Queensland, totalling $12.95 million.

“In the past 10 years, Emergency Medicine Foundation has awarded research grants to clinicians to develop better diagnostic tools, improving treatments and translating innovative ideas into practise.

“An exciting recent project provided high-flow breathing devices for babies presenting to emergency departments with respiratory issues. This project has led to statewide changes in practise and is providing faster and less invasive treatment. The research team is running further trials assessing the benefits of using this device in treating children and adults.

“Another emergency medicine project is rolling out a new protocol for rapidly diagnosing patients presenting to Queensland emergency departments with cardiac symptoms. This protocol is fast tracking assessment for low risk patients, leading to improved emergency department efficiency in our hospitals.

“The Queensland Government will continue to back these grants because they are giving clinicians the ability to translate new ideas into clinical practice for the benefit of Queenslanders across all Queensland public hospitals.

“On top of that, the Queensland Research Program develops the research capacity of the emergency medicine workforce in Queensland to deliver better healthcare services for everyone.”

EMF awards grants to innovative, evidence-based research led by public hospital emergency department clinicians with the aim to deliver better clinical practices, improve patient outcomes and deliver system-wide benefits.

EMF Chair Dr Anthony Bell said Queensland Health’s continued funding would allow emergency medicine clinicians to continue driving improvements to patient care in the State.

“Queensland Health’s vision and commitment to funding EMF’s clinician-led emergency medicine research has allowed clinicians to actively change the way we care for patients,” said Dr Bell.

“In under a decade, research projects funded by EMF have led to better diagnostics, treatments, medical training and healthcare services not just in Queensland, but internationally.

“This research is also freeing up resources for patients in need, with EMF-funded research now returning an estimated $18.9 million per year in economic benefits to the Queensland healthcare system.”

Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital emergency physician Professor Louise Cullen has received more than $1 million in grants from EMF since 2008 to improve the diagnosis of patients presenting to emergency departments with chest pain.

“My research has led to national clinical guideline changes, a new diagnostic tool and two new diagnostic protocols—the accelerated diagnostic protocol (ADP) and the Improved Assessment of Chest Pain (ImpACT) protocol,” Professor Cullen said. 

This year’s funding will enable the roll out of ImpACT to Queensland emergency departments.

“ImpACT is now live in five hospitals and can be used to safely accelerate the assessment of up to 70 per cent of emergency patients presenting with chest pain,” Prof Cullen said.

“With funding from EMF and the Healthcare Improvement Unit, we’ve been able to accomplish an incredible amount in a relatively short time and done so much to change patient care.

“This dedicated funding program is allowing emergency doctors and nurses, who understand the problems, to be part of the solution.”

Mr Dick said Queensland was driving clinical innovation in the emergency medicine field.

“Last year, EMF extended its reach to become a national program after achieving such excellent outcomes in Queensland,” Mr Dick said.

“Through EMF, Queensland Health can help ensure more lives are saved and the state’s public emergency departments operate more efficiently and effectively.”


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