The COVERED COVID study: Comprehensive Outcomes that VERify the impact on EDs from COVID-19

Grant ID: EMSF-008COV-2020-CRILLY

Project Summary

Reports worldwide indicate there has been a change in the cohort of patients seen within hospital emergency departments (EDs) during COVID-19, with fewer presentations for non-COVID symptoms, such as chest pain.

This study will evaluate the impact of COVID-19 on Queensland EDs by reviewing the number and nature of patient presentations, and generate a comprehensive statewide evidence-base to understand and manage patients who require emergency care during a global pandemic. It is expected that results will inform future management strategies and guiding documents generated in the event of a ‘second wave’, or other large scale disaster.



- Eccleston, C., Marsden, E., Craswell, A., Sweeny, A., Howell, N., Wallis, M., Crilly, J., COVERED‐COVID Study Investigators, Keijzers, G., Greenslade, J. and Ranse, J., 2023. Impact of COVID‐19 state‐wide lockdown on older adult presentations to Queensland emergency departments. Emergency Medicine Australasia, 35(5), pp.799-808.

- Sweeny, A. L., Keijzers, G., Marshall, A., Hall, E. J., Ranse, J., Zhang, P., Grant, G., Huang, Y. L., Palipana, D., Teng, Y. D., Gerhardy, B., Greenslade, J. H., Jones, P., Crilly, J. L., 2022. Emergency department presentations during the COVID-19 pandemic in Queensland (to June 2021): interrupted time series analysis. The Medical journal of Australia.


- Sweeny, A., Emergency department presentations for vulnerable people during the first wave of COVID-19. 19th International Conference for Emergency Nurses, Gold Coast, Sep 28-30, 2022.


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Principal Investigator:
Prof Julia Crilly OAM

Co Investigators:
Prof Gerben Keijzers
Dr John Gerrard
Dr Dinesh Palipana, OAM
Dr Jamie Ranse
A/Prof Jaimi Greenslade
Dr Ben Walters
Dr Anthony Padowitz
A/Prof David Green OAM

Associate Investigators:
Ms Amy Sweeny
Dr Ya-Ling Huang
A/Prof Pathmanathan Sivakumaran
Ms Kate Gilmour
Prof Andrea Marshall
Prof Chris Stapelberg
Dr Audra Gedmintas
Dr Ping Zhang


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