Rapid diagnosis of sepsis in acutely ill children

Grant ID: EMPJ-378R27-2017

Project Summary

Life threatening bacterial infections such as sepsis are a leading cause of childhood mortality. International authorities recognise the urgent need for better recognition, diagnosis, and management of children with sepsis. Children in regional and remote settings are at particular risk for late or inaccurate diagnosis resulting in worse outcomes.

In this study, we are testing the feasibility, performance, time-to-diagnosis, and cost impact of applying the most advanced genomics-based sepsis diagnostic tools. This could lead to better treatment of infections, reduce unnecessary antibiotic use, shorten hospital length of stay, improve patient outcomes, and allow patients and families to be managed closer to home, with the aim to provide the same care for all children around the state. We are recruiting acutely ill children presenting with suspected sepsis to Emergency Departments, including regional and remote centres in Queensland.

Leveraged Funds

- Gold Coast University Hospital Foundation: $100,000
- Mater Foundation: $20,000
- Far North Queensland Hospital Foundation: $5000


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Conference presentation:
ANZICS/ACCCN Intensive Care ASM, Oct 2017



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Principal Investigator:
Dr Peter Snelling

Co Investigators:
A/Prof Luregn Schlapbach
A/Prof Lachlan Coin
A/Prof Seweryn Bialasiewicz
A/Prof Julia Clark
Dr Jeremy Furyk
Prof Gracelyn Smallwood
Dr Shane George


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