Providing a safe and efficient method of chest pain assessment

Grant ID: EMLE-122R31-2019-GREENSLADE

Project Summary

In this project we will evaluate a new pathway for assessing chest pain in the emergency department. The pathway is designed to reduce the costs of managing patients at low-risk of heart attack without compromising patient safety. The cost savings are estimated to be around $95 million if implemented Australia-wide, with the bulk of the cost reduction being through decreased length of stay in the emergency department.

The new pathway will be implemented at three Queensland hospitals. Data collected before and after the implementation of this pathway will be used to assess 1) whether it results in a shorter length of stay in hospital, 2) whether it is safe for identifying heart attack, and 3) whether it reduces healthcare utilisation and healthcare costs.
Over 450,000 patients present to an Australian emergency department with chest pain every year. The current approach to rule out heart attack for these patients is lengthy and costly, taking up to 26 hours at a cost of $2,127 per patient.

Leveraged Funds

- NHMRC, Partnership Projects, 2019: $532,120


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Principal Investigator:
A/Prof Jaimi Greenslade

Co Investigators:
Prof Louise Cullen
Prof William Parsonage
Dr Siegfried Perez
Dr Fran Kinnear
Prof Christian Hamilton-Craig
Dr Niranjan Gaikwad
Dr David Brain

Associate Investigators:
Dr Gavin Fincher
Dr Allison Fifoot


Collaborating Institutions

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