Ketamine vs Propofol in Sedation of Psychiatric/Psychotic Patients requiring Retrieval.

Is Ketamine more safe and efficacious than Propofol in the sedation of acute psychiatric patients requiring aeromedical retrieval?

Grant ID: EMF R&R R111

Project Summary

The research aim is to conduct as a randomised clinical trial comparing the use of Ketamine and Propofol in sedating acute psychiatric patients for safe aeromedical retrieval. The inherent dangers of the aviation environment combined with the potential and unpredictable behaviour of acute psychiatric patients presents a challenge to even the most experienced aeromedical retrieval clinician. An efficacious sedation drug is vital in this environment to ensure patient and crew safety and to minimise patient distress. The outcomes of this research will highlight the potential complications, the safety profile and efficacy of different sedation agent utilised in the sedation of acute psychiatric patients in the aeromedical retrieval setting. This research has the potential to establish sedation guidelines in the aeromedical retrieval of acute psychiatric patients for Australia and internationally.


Jodie was recognised for the Best Research and Audit Report for her paper on retrieval of acute psychiatric patients at a national aeromedical industry conference in Brisbane.


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Principal Investigator:
Ms Jodie Mills

Co Investigators:
Dr Georgina Beech
Mr Tim Wallace
Dr Peter Clark
Dr Robert Parker
Dr Mark Ross



  • EMF media release (2017)
  • Care Flight article on award for this research

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