Exploring Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in the Emergency Department (CALD ED) study

Grant ID: EMLE-209R36-2021

Project Summary

Providing equitable and appropriate care to populations with cultural and linguistic diversity (CALD) can be a challenge for Emergency Department (ED) providers.

This qualitative study aims to explore cultural and linguistic diversity in the ED, to inform evidence-based strategies to support patients from CALD backgrounds and guide subsequent research directions.

Researchers will consider individual patients, and their affiliation to people, organisations, their community and culture to explore barriers and facilitators to care delivery from the perspective of clinicians (doctors and nurses) and patients from CALD backgrounds.

The study involves collaboration with health and community partners, and a research team largely from CALD backgrounds whose language skill set will be utilised in a novel way (i.e. with translating information forms and supporting patient interviews).

The project is co-funded by a grant from the Gold Coast Health Collaborative Research Grant Scheme. Gold Coast Health is funding the quantitative arm of the study describing ED use by patients from CALD backgrounds.


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Principal Investigator:
Dr Ya-Ling Huang

Co Investigators:
Prof Julia Crilly OAM
Dr Dinesh Palipana OAM
Ms Amy Sweeney
Dr Shahina Braganza

Associate Investigators:
Mr Robert Lee
Dr Ping Zhang
Dr Wietske Blom-Ham
Ms Marina Chand
Prof Cindy Shannon


Collaborating Institutions

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