Blind Prescribing and the prescribing preparedness of doctors in Emergency Departments.

Determine the prevalence of “Blind Prescribing” in the emergency department of a tertiary public hospital.


Project Summary

“Blind Prescribing” describes the situation where a medical practitioner prescribes a medication they know little about.
Theoretically, ‘blind prescribing’ could lead to higher rates of medication error and unsafe medical practice. The project aims to determine if Blind Prescribing occurs in emergency medicine, to identify the prevalence of the practice, and propose situational and contextual factors pertinent to Emergency medicine that are thought to enable this practice.


Eley, R., Spencer, L., Starmer, K. and Sinnott, M., 2014. Prescribing knowledge revisited: Time for action and awareness. Emergency Medicine Australasia, 2(26), pp.211-212.

Starmer, K., Sinnott, M., Shaban, R., Donegan, E. and Kapitzke, D., 2013. Blind prescribing: A study of junior doctors' prescribing preparedness in an A ustralian emergency department. Emergency Medicine Australasia, 25(2), pp.147-153.


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Principal Investigator:
Dr Michael Sinnott

Co Investigators:
Dr Katrina Starmer
Prof Ramon Shaban
Ms Elizabeth Donegan


Collaborating Institutions

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