Overview: Grant Schemes (Qld)

Grant Scheme About the Scheme Funding
Trainee Grant Emergency medicine trainees or senior medical officers may apply for funding as an emergency medicine trainee. Emergency medicine trainee investigators require the active supervision of an eligible Principal Investigator with a research track record. Up to $35,000
Staff Specialist Grant This Scheme provides seed funding to develop a plan for project grant funding (from EMF or other national sources), or leverage additional funding from other sources (e.g. Australian Research Council linkage grant). Up to $70,000
Project Grant  This Scheme supports research projects in whole or partial funding to larger projects seeking funding from alternative sources (potentially elsewhere in Australia) such as the National Health and Medical Research Council, or the Australian Research Council. Up to $100,000 per year for a maximum of three years
 Program Grant  The Program Grants Scheme provides funding for significant bodies of work in which several separate but related projects could be funded as a cohesive program of work. Up to $250,000 per year for a maximum of three years
Research Scholarship  The Research Fellowship contributes to salary replacement cost for individuals seeking to conduct research as part of their clinical position or work towards further qualifications. Outcomes need to include achievement of a relevant research-based qualification including a graduate certificate, diploma or higher degree. Fellowships are available to encourage emergency medicine practitioners to undertake post-graduate research studies. The fellowships are named after two of the original leaders of emergency medicine in Queensland:

  • the Frank Garlick Fellowship supports studies towards obtaining a research qualification targeted at completion of Masters qualification
  • the Noel Stevenson Fellowship supports study targeted at the completion of a research-based higher degree (PhD, DrPH or MD).
Up to $150,000 per year for either 18 months or three years (both full time).
Capacity Building Grant Hospital Emergency Departments can apply for a grant to build research capacity within their organisation. A  FACEM must champion the application. They must be able to drive the strategic vision for the grant and have relevant research experience to support improvements to the research function of the Emergency Department. Matched funding of up to $70,000 per year for up to three years

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