Evaluation of the Emergency Department Ambulance Offload Nurse (EDAOLN) in Queensland

This study provides an opportunity to evaluate the structures (i.e. what is needed to set it up), processes (i.e. how it works) and outcomes (i.e. how effective is it) of this model in order to inform all stakeholders involved and allow for further refinement.

Grant ID: EMSS000117

Lay Summary

Internationally, Emergency Department (ED) and hospital overcrowding is increasing and has been associated with negative patient and staff outcomes. Associated with this overcrowding, ambulance offload time (AOT) delay (i.e. extended time from ambulance arrival to ED to offload onto hospital stretcher, also called ambulance ramping) has emerged as a crucial patient safety issue, with offloaded ambulances not available to respond back to the surrounding community.

Queensland Health have recognised that patient flow strategies are required in order to i) improve the patient journey and experience; ii) reduce delays and increase access to health care services; and iii) provide best clinical practice across the state. An Emergency Department Ambulance Off-Load Nurse (EDAOLN) role was commenced on Friday 17 August 2012 at the Gold Coast Hospital. The aim of this advanced nursing role was to provide rapid triage and assessment for patients arriving to the ED by ambulance and to commence initial meaningful treatment as required (such as X-rays, pathology, analgesia) on a 24/7 basis.


Conference Presentation:
Crilly J, Wallis M, Johnston A, O’Dwyer J, Scuffham P, Bosley E, Chaboyer W, Green D. An ambulance offload nurse in the ED: how and what makes it work? 13th International Conference for Emergency Nursing, October 2015, Brisbane.


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Principal Investigator:
Dr David Green

Co Investigators:
A/Prof Julia Crilly
Prof Marianne Wallis
Mr John O’Dwyer
Prof Paul Scuffham
Dr Emma Enraght-Moony
Prof Wendy Chaboyer


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