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Emergency medicine – and the whole health system – is facing huge challenges. EMF is delivering a very big part of the answer to these challenges.



An economic analysis of two projects funded by EMF found they could generate health economic benefits around Australia of more than $418 million. Life-saving research into rapidly assessing cardiac chest pain has a projected annual benefit of $400 million nationwide from an investment of $1.1 million. Meanwhile, research that identified ways to halve IV failure rates by using medical-grade super glue has a projected annual benefit of $18 million to hospitals, from a $50,000 grant.

Helping children breathe easier faster

EMF has invested nearly $200,000 in pilot studies to assess a new therapy for treating infants with respiratory infections  in the emergency department. The researchers found the treatment could reduce admissions to ICU and had the potential to reduce healthcare costs associated with the illness by 30%. One of the hospitals involved in the studies has reported savings of $1.2 million per year for their instition alone. The therapy is being evaluated in an NHMRC-funded trial across 17 centres in Australia and New Zealand.

Aged care research transforms clinical policy

An EMF-funded research project into aged care in emergency departments resulted in a suite of field-tested, feasible, evidence-based indicators to support the measurement of quality of care for elderly patients.  These helped to revise Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) policy for care of older persons in ED, which will improve clinical practice, reducing recurring hospital admissions and decrease length of stays.

Fast-tracking surgery for road crash victims

Queensland’s ambulance and helicopter retrieval paramedics are using hand-held ultrasound equipment to quickly detect critical internal injuries in an Australian-first trial funded by EMF. The research findings are enabling critically ill patients to be rapidly assessed and head straight to surgery.


research projects

Improving jellyfish sting treatment

Trauma: better treatment for severe bleeding

EMF funding is improving emergency care for the elderly

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