Our work

EMF is a non-profit Australian emergency medicine foundation dedicated to funding evidence-based research, education and promotion to help save lives in medical emergencies.

We support emergency health professionals – doctors, nurses, paramedics, retrieval staff and allied health professionals – to design, execute and translate world-leading research into more cost-effective healthcare delivery.

Every day, emergency medicine staff face time and resource challenges that need to be overcome to improve patient experiences and outcomes. EMF prioritises this research to deliver demonstrable benefits to patients, staff and hospitals, and we educate and support emergency department staff to translate research outcomes into practice.

We foster a highly competitive grant process overseen by expert national and international panels that award grants based on highest overall merit in the following five core review criteria:

  • significance to advancing emergency medicine
  • investigative team
  • innovation
  • the approach – including strategy, methodology and analysis
  • environment – including resources and equipment.

Through our work, we support and collaborate with emergency medicine professionals, hospitals, patients, governments and corporates as well as the wider community.

EMF is a non-profit organisation with charitable, health promotion and deductible gift recipient (DGR) status.

Improving jellyfish sting treatment

EMF funding is improving emergency care for the elderly

CONTACT US +61 7 3720 5700 info@emfoundation.org.au 2/15 Lang Parade Milton Qld 4064