EMF supports emergency health professionals to design, execute and translate research into better healthcare


Helping children breathe

EMF has invested almost $200,000 in clinical trials of a new treatment to help babies and children  breathe easier when they have a respiratory illnesses.


Caring for the elderly in a medical emergency

EMF funded pioneering research that is already improving the care given to elderly in Australia’s emergency departments.


Australian EDs rapidly diagnosing chest pain

EMF-funded research is helping Australian emergency departments to rapidly diagnose the cause of chest pain.



Ketamine: a new option for…

Research by Australian toxicologists raises the possibility of sedating violent patients in emergency departments with the anaesthetic, ketamine. The research team looked at using the drug… Read more >

Better care patients with muscle…

More than 300,000[i] Australians who visit an emergency department each year with joint, ligament, muscle, nerve and tendon pain could be soon receiving better care… Read more >

Sepsis research could improve survival

Sepsis and septic shock are one of the leading causes of death in hospital patients worldwide, but new research by Australian emergency medicine clinicians could lead… Read more >

Preventing men falling off ladders

The Australian Government has launched a national ladder safety campaign to reduce the rate of ladder injuries steadily increasing among older Australian men. The campaign… Read more >

Most non-trauma headaches benign

With funding from EMF, researchers have provided critical evidence that most non-trauma headaches are benign. The data could help change the diagnostic testing used by… Read more >

Lung ultrasound changing way heart…

A new way of using ultrasound is transforming the diagnosis and treatment of breathing difficulties in elderly Australians. Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF) researcher Dr Kylie… Read more >

research projects

Support research

Emergency medicine is the most underfunded area of medical research in Australia. We need your help to fund projects vital to improving patient care in a medical emergency.



Every year, more than 7.4 million Australians visit a public hospital emergency department

The Emergency Medicine Foundation (EMF), is an Australasian non-profit organisation. We are dedicated to funding innovative evidence-based research that improves clinical practices to save lives as well as delivering significant economic benefits to the healthcare system. We acknowledge the financial support of our partners, in particular the Queensland Government.

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